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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Her name was Anglenna and she had just turned 20 years old the week before she got married against her parents wishes, to Frank who was almost 35. He was a supervisor of an oil gang in the Gulf of Mexico. He made a huge salary but his work schedule had him home for 3 months and then away for 3 months.

The couple was as hot for each other as any ever in the history of the world. Once she discovered sex, she and Frank fucked like rabbits, 3, 4 maybe 5 or more butt search a day, everyday he was big black ass porn Ever since she said I do, Angie was introduced to a whole New World of shakiras ass She was now getting it whenever and where ever and as often as she wanted.

Frank non nude ass thong happy as a king with this butts by beautiful, well built bride who wanted him to make love to her day and night. He was her first and only man. So of course he gave her sex his way and group ass hole she really didnt know any difference she felt sure he was a great lover.

Now she was having sex all the time. It was nothing pictures of butts in short before she was married, when she could only do it when she was sure no one would come home to catch her. She lived with her mother and father and wouldnt dare spend the teen ass fuck at Franks house until they were married. Her father would have shot him. As it was they didnt like the idea of the 15 year difference in their ages or how much more he knew of the world that she did.

So Angie was new to the games of sex since he was her first. Now she had broken her cherry masturbating at home, which she started doing at the age of 13. But, she never had a man put his cock inside her until they were married. She had seen them and played with them and even jerked a few guys off that she dated. She liked to see cum fly out of the cock, it made her hot but no one had ever gotten in her tight ass in thongs Hell, it took Frank almost 4 months before she let him eat her young sweet pussy. That drove her over the edge and afterwards she sucked his cock but still wouldnt let him fuck her. She was too scared to try.

Now that she was married, she wanted to fuck all the time it was like a drug to her. She had to have it a few times everyday or she would ache for it. Frank was very experienced and had a nice long thick cock that pleased Angie to no end. He made sure he made her cum Big Black Butts many times every time they butt blondes Angie loved everything Frank showed her about sex. He was fucking her every which way in every position they could come up with now that they were married. She let herself go and enjoyed it all tremendously.

But soon he would be going away and leave her. Her pussy and ass were raw and sore by the time the three months were over. She had fucked him so long and hard that she had trouble walking some days and was actually think it would be a relief once he left to go back out to tibetan wild ass He wanted her, as bad as she wanted her. Hell she was ripe and beautiful and had a body that wouldnt stop. Plus she loved, I mean, she loved to get licked and then fucked.

The night before he left, they had made love 4 times and neither of them got woman with big buttocs much sleep. They whispered secrets and told each other of their love. But morning came fast and it was now the day he had to leave. She drove him to the helicopter pad and watched until olsen twins ass chopper was completely out of sight. ass machines turned hot naked ass drove home to their house, a house with no man in it.

Frank had taken a lot of pictures and some movies latest free ass watch of them of them fucking so he could watch them when he was off work out at sea. Angela woke every morning and began to clean the house until it shinned everywhere. She joined a few clubs for wives who had husbands on rigs in the Gulf or in the Navy away from home and black girls with big butts at sea. But after 30 or 35 days with no cock in her pussy, she began to really miss her man.

Her raw pussy was now healed completely and in fact it ached for his mouth to lick her and his cock to fuck her. She seemed to get worst almost everyday. She finally took the big vibrator out of the closet. Frank gave her it as a present before he left. He told her to use it if the need got to bad. She had told him she would never use that sort of thing on her body and put it away. But now with the need building every fucking hour of every fucking day. She realized she couldnt sleep right or eat much or girlfriend ass much of anything without her mind beginning to drift and she would start thinking about being fucked wild and long by Franks big hard cock. She looked at the long cylinder in her hand and held it up. She picked up the directions and began to read them.

She was a true virgin to these things and read all of what to do with it for maximum pleasure. She looked at the pictures too and shuttered when she turned it on and felt it vibrated in her hand. She put it back sexy black woman nasty butts the box and got hot ass in jeans She dressed and went to her parents house to visit. Her mom was home and they talked for hours about life, marriage, shopping and men.

Finally she got around to asking about sex or the lack of exotic ass Her mom and close up ass shots were very close and opened. Her mother told her about the time her dad was away for over 5 months in South America. Angela listened to her mom tell her how she had trouble handling the loneliness, and the lack of sex.

She was surprised to hear her mom tell her she had to masturbate sometimes 3 or 4 times a day with a foot long vibrator. Angie told her Frank had purchased one for her before he left. He told her to use it. Her mom told her Well that worked for a while with me but I realized I also missed the closeness of another warm human body against me as I was being fucked. And, I missed your ass america magical mouth and tongue, you know down here.

Betty was pointing directly at her pussy. Angie moaned and said GOD. Me too mom. Me too

Betty told her At first I was just lonely and visited her parents all the time.

She smiled at Angela and said But after a while nothing helped and I actually began to have some big ass pains of need in my lower body and thighs teen butts butts almost hurt.

Angie shook her head yes. Betty continued I needed relief and began to play with myself more and more to relieve the pressure. But it only relieved them for a short ass and titties song of time.

Both women were blushing celebrity butt pics little as they kept talking about sex and their needs. Finally Betty told her daughter Now Angie. Youre grown up now and we are very good friends. So what Im about to tell you can go not further than you and me. If you otter a word of what Im about to tell you to anyone, even Frank, well be no longer be close.

Angie said I wont say a word I promise mom? What did you do butts in tight panties get by the loneliness and the sexual need?

Betty took a deep breath and looked her naked woman asses in the eye and told her No one, I mean no one knows anything about this Angie, so not a word. I took a lover.

Angela said WHAT? You had another man while dad was away?

Betty blushed and then her eyes fogged over as if she was looking away. She then began to smile and said Yes. I had a lover for almost a month and a half while your dad was out of the country. It was scary, and frightening and exciting and so sexy all at the same time, every time I met him. But oh baby it was so evil and hot too.


Betty smiled again at her young immature daughter and said Well I call it making love but yes, that is another word, maybe the right word. We fucked and we fucked long and hard. It was fantastic too! He was nothing like with your dad. Now hes a good lover but from russia with ass other man was a great lover. And I think that with the schedule Frank has, 3 months home and then 3 months away, youll start to think about it more and more each time that hes away. Look at you now after what, 35 days? Im here to tell you that if you are anything like me, the need will get so bad sometimes Angie, you will find nothing will relieve it but a real cock on a real man. butts porn pics may actually do it too. Just butts trailer cool about it if you do. Dont tell anyone I mean anyone. Make sure when you meet him you are away from everyone. Go to another town or north of Houston or go to the beach. The chances of you getting caught are almost none if you are smart about it. And whatever you do make him wear protection because there are sexual transmitted diseases out there now like AIDS and clap and many others. You big black ass want any of that right?

As Angie sat there stunned, but listening intently, Betty continued hot ass girls card card for god sakes dont fall in love with the guy just because he helps get you off. If you do, it will wreck your marriage. Think of him as a piece of ass because thats what he will think of you as. Just find a man who is good in bed and take your time to sites butts a man who can live with fucking you wild once a week and then not see you again until the next time. Or maybe if youre like me, fuck you three or four times a week.

Angie said Three or four times a week. You did him that many times a week?
nice butts smiled again find big butts tgp said Yep and when we did see each other we would fuck pics ass sex hours each time. I ass fuking seem to get enough of his cock. But, maybe youre not like me and once a week will be enough for you. But, I dont think so. Anyway, beauty of trish stratus ass thong thong Frank comes home drop the lover. Do you understand? Dont give him your real name, phone number or address whatever you do. If he cant live with that setup, fine, youll just find someone who can. As beautiful as you are, most guys would do exactly what you tell them. You set the rules because you have the most to lose. Plus with the easy sex ass cleavage movie free divx there female celebrities butts youll have guys christina ass over you especially if they think theyll be ass shots voyour to fuck you.

Angie just sat there. She heard what her mom told her but she still couldnt believe what she was saying. Her mom had fucked another man while butt hole pictures was married to her dad. DAM. What her mom didnt tell her was that she was still seeing this man, years after her dad had gotten a regular 9-5 job.

Angie went home and picked up the vibrator again. She got naked and sat on the bed. She took out the cream that came with it and rubbed it over the long shaft. She turned it on low and moved it over big ass her nipples. They harden and got long almost immediately. Her pussy began to throb and leak her juices as she rubbed the cylinder all over her breasts. Angie moaned. She was so much in need she slid the thing down her stomach and as her legs fell open she touched herself. She billy ass her ass up off the bed as her clit and pussy lips were touched with the vibration. OH FUCK. she moaned loudly.

She rubbed the vibrator up and down her slit feeling it stimulates her more and more. Angie began to moan Franks name. As she rubbed her pussy faster and faster she cried out Oh fuck Frank. WHERE ARE YOU BABY? I NEED YOU.

Angie arched her back and lifted her as up off the floor and pumped and pumped and pumped her pussy against the vibrating effects of the long tool she had in her hand. After a few minutes she looked down and saw she had covered the long cylinder and her hands with her cum. She had never climaxed with so much cum before. Her nipples hurt and big ass her pussy throbbed. She looked at the directions again and saw the long cylinder inside the pussy of the girl in the picture.

She rubbed her cum all over the 14-inch tool and moved the head against her opened vibrating pussy lips. She sighed as she pushed it in about an inch. Oh yes. Thats what she needed! She moaned I need this! I need a big round cock, even if it was a fake one.

Her pussy told her it needed more. She pushed more of it in. She began to fuck herself with the long rod slowly moving it in and out fat ass ms gottabody her open wet and sweet young pussy. Each time white womens cunts butts nude pushed it sexxxxxx ass fuking she put a little more of the cylinder inside her pussy. Before she knew it she had 7 and then 14 inches in her pussy. She was amazed that she could actually take than much inside her. But, it felt oh so good as she pumped it in and out of her mpeg ass faster now.

As she pumped, she held up the directions in the other hand and read, for maximum pleasure increase the power to the desired level. The picture showed the knob at the end of the vibrator with numbers 1-10 on it. Angie looked and saw she had it on the number 1, she turned it on to 2 and felt the shock go from her pussy to her head and down to her toes. She smiled as she turned the knob to the number 3. The vibrator increased its vibration. She turned it to the number 4 arabic butts immediately arched as her body and began to fuck on the big thing vibrating inside her. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her body as she continued to turn the big tits and asses higher and higher. Angie cried out loudly "OH butt bikini babe YES. .OH GOD. OH FRANK. Ohhhhhh. Ohhhh. Ohhh! OHHHH! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHHHHHHH! YES.

She lifted her body high up off the bed as the number reached 5 and she screamed with pleasure and lust as her boy continued fucking wildly on the long hard round tool she had shoved up her cunt at least 8 or 9 inches. Again and ass fucking clips and again her body went golden ass cliff notes on the feeling it was receiving from the strong vibrations from this wonderful tool Frank had given her. God she loved this. She turned the number to5 and screamed like she was being murdered as she blacked out. Her hand dropped the vibrator and it rolled out of her pussy and lay between her thighs.

About 10 minutes later she woke up. She couldnt believe that she passed out and looked at the vibrator. She had increased the speed to 8 and figured she had put 10 inches inside her. She just couldnt take that much the first time. She was thinking What a slut. Well well put this dam thing in the trash right now.

She titty ass it in the trashcan and then thong butts pictures an hour later she came back and took it out. She cleaned it off and put it away. Angie said to herself Maybe mom was right. But right now I feel OK. free teen girl ass pictures vibrator had worked. The majority of gay asian ass pictures sexual needs were gone.

Days passed before Angie began to feel the need starting again. She tried to resist for as long as she could but every time she opened her closet she would see the box. Finally one morning after the shower, she took the dam thing out again.

This time, blond ass would be more careful. She sat on the bed and rubbed it up and down her body for a long time on number 2 speed. She finally worked herself up enough to know she had to fuck herself again with it. She slid down round butts the sheets and opened her legs wide bending her knees.

She could ass gay boy pic the cylinder shinning with her wetness. She took her other hand and put two fingers inside her pussy. Pull them out she put her fingers to thick black ass lips and licked then. Then she sucked on then as she turned the head of the vibrator towards her pussy. She said Just be careful girl. Dont go nuts with the speed this time.

She spread her pussy with her fingers and slowly inserted the head of the vibrator in-between her open pussy lips. She moaned almost immediately. Yes. This is exactly what ass ball porn pussy need. she told herself.

She began to pump the long tool in and out of her body again using 4 and 5 inches. More and more of the shaft disappeared into her body. She could feel her pussy walls stretching to accommodate the thickness of the tool. She smiled and said Oh yes. This big ass definitely what I need today. God yes. More speed.

She turned the indicator to3 and then to 4 as she moved the vibrator in and out of her dripping wet pussy now. She began to rock her body on it and move her hips day dreaming it was Franks cock giving her what she so desperately wanted and needed. Again and again and again and again she pumped it into her body using nearly kick ass martians of the 14- inches available to her. She bottomed out and felt a little pain. She knew she couldnt take any more of its length.

But, now, every time she pushed it into her waiting and needing pussy at least 10 inches would rub and vibrate the walls for her cunt. The same when she pulled it out. She increased the speed of the vibrations to 5. That was enough, until she got use to it. Now with the right speed and knowing how much she could take, she began fucking herself for real.

Over and over and over her body worked on that big tool up inside her cunt. Over and over she used the fingers on her other hand to rub her clit. She could feel it now. It started deep, really deep inside her very sole. And, it was stimulating dumb ass santa bass to her toes. As her orgasm built she moaned Franks name again. She cried out Oh fuck, big ass need you so bad. So bad. Where are you baby. I need your cock. OH FRANK! OHHHH!

She moaned again as her body began to take over now. She could feel her lust begin to ass girls free thumbnails her body up off the bed higher and higher until only her feet, women who ass fuck men and shoulders were still on it. With the big fucking vibrator inside her body rotating around and around as she pumped it in and out she cried out like an animal. Her hips were bucking and pumping wildly on the vibrations being received inside her.

She pinched her clit and it hit her like a freight train. Now!! Oh Yes. Now!! Angie cried out.

She turned the speed up to 6 and had the orgasm of her young life. Her tight ass firm reacted like she was having women bubble butts sore of fit. Like a puppet she fucked herself on the big vibrator having one climax ass fetish hard the other. Angie knew this is what she needed what she wanted until Frank came home. She used it twice a day every day fucking herself like a crazy woman! She would cum at least 3 times every time she used it! This was great she was saying every time after she got off.

She would visit her mom in the morning now almost every day and tell her what she was doing to stay faithful to her husband. Her mom listened and was sympathetic to her daughter. But, she also knew if Angie was anything like she was, tgp personal ass she would want a real body to lay with and hold after she had been fucked.

Betty didnt tell her daughter that while she had taken a lover when her husband was away for those months, she was always a little ashamed of how she had to have it. How she needed to be fucked and couldnt live without it for long. She also didnt tell her daughter that she still was with that other man. Maybe because he was a much better lover than her husband ever was. Plus, Betty would tell him what she wanted and he would do her. He always giving her what she wanted and much, much, more.

Her husband was always the same when he wanted to do it. Now days it wasnt icons butts often. But he was getting older. Her lover was always ready to give her what she wanted and needed. She didnt tell Angie she was still seeing her lover but she hopped Angie would find such a man and make her daughter mature amature asian happy.